Improve Your Hearing This Year

January 8th, 2013 by Diane Reis

hearing loss comic

First step — admitting there’s a problem

Whether it’s losing weight, drinking less, or being kinder to your fellow man, the most important part of any New Year’s resolution is accepting that there is a problem, or at least room for improvement. It is the same with hearing loss. In spite of support and encouragement from loved ones, until a person accepts that his/her hearing loss is a problem, it is less than likely that he or she will accept the solution.

Diane Reis

About Diane Reis

Diane Reis, has been with Hearing Services of Iowa for 19 years. Currently, she is Marketing Manager for HSOI, and is in charge of accounts payable. She also submits billing for most patient insurance plans. She works primarily at the main business office in Boone, and also serves as the Ames office receptionist.